Common questions

What is DC5511 or DCG5511?

DefCon Group São Paulo, also known as DC5511 / DCG5511 is a meeting point for people interested in hacking and technology.

DCGs are not intended to compete with other groups present in local communities and hackerspaces;

DCG meetings are open to anyone, regardless of age, ability, job, gender, social class, etc.

What is the purpose of the DC5511?

Gather everyone who has an interest and curiosity about hacking and technology where they can learn, improve their knowledge, share and help disseminate the hacker culture to members and attendees of the meetings.

Where do the DC5511 meetings take place?

Due to the pandemic, we are adapting to the new model, online.

How do I participate in the DC5511 meetings?

The meetings can be in person and take place in spaces made available by members of the technology and security community. Follow our communication channels to stay alert and know where the next meeting will take place.

Are there other DCGs in Brazil?

Yes, find the DC / DCG closest to you, if you don't have one, you can create it DefCon Groups - FAQ

Who runs the DC5511?

DCGs are managed by several members present in your city / state / country, you can consult the members who manage the DC5511 here.

I want to help with the DC5511 how do I do it?

You can contact one of the members talking about your interest in helping, but we do not guarantee your entry to be part of the organization. Current members were interested and / or were invited to join the organization through an invitation by the creator of DCG5511.

Is the DC5511 a hacker encounter?

No! The goal is to bring together people who share the same goal and passion for technology and hacking. DefCon Groups - FAQ

Is the DC5511 associated with any company?

No, we don't! Defcon Group Sao Paulo is not associated with any private institution.

Can illegal activities happen on the DC5511?

No, it's not! The DEFCON organization and the DEFCON GROUPS do not tolerate illegal activities.

Does the DC5511 have a code of conduct?

We start from the principle that we are all human and are constantly learning and evolving.

With that in mind we have in mind and / or at least we hope that you as well as the other participants in the meetings will follow the rules of coexistence:

  • Respect everyone, this includes all people, regardless of gender, color, race, sexual orientation and / or and their social classes and etc;
  • It's okay to say you don't know something and / or ask for help, we're here to learn together.;
  • If you are having a communication problem and / or disagreement with one of the regulars at meetings, try to talk with the person and say how you are feeling it is necessary to have empathy, everyone is subject to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes, but we are not obliged to persist and insist in the same mistake and in the last case talk to the organizers of the meeting.